Ductly Pro Services understands that your dryer is one of your best investment. It gives you convenience and ease when it comes to cleaning clothes. That is why we have designed services that will ensure your Dryer vent is clean and well taken care of at all times. Taking care of it is taking care of yourself, and going with the pros guarantees quality and expertise.


If you have been experiencing;

  • a musty odor on your clothes;
  • your clothes don’t dry completely;
  • you notice excessive heat in the room while washing your clothes;
  • your clothes seem hot to touch after drying;
  • the dryer vent hood has become hard to operate;
  • clothes taking long to dry;

or simply it has taken more than year since you last cleaned your dryer vent – you need to call us!


Every year, firefighters across the country respond to around 15,000 home fires caused by clothes dryers, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

About 27 percent of these fires is caused by an accumulation of lint, which means that not cleaning out your dryer vent can set you up for a dangerous situation that’s far more serious than the drop in performance caused by constricting a dryer’s ductwork. Basic airflow is essential for a dryer to make your clothes dry, without proper airflow, it makes it extremely hard for your dryer to work.

You may even notice it starts to take longer to dry your clothes from accumulation of lint and dust inside of the dryer vent. Often this vent goes from inside your house to a hole or vent outside of your house. Sometimes, bird nests are formed inside of the vent because of the location of the vent is a great place for birds to build a next. Make sure to keep your vents properly inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis to prevent clogging and poor circulation.

If you experience any of these issue, don’t wait any longer. Give us a call and ask about our Dryer Vent cleaning services.

Do you really need it? Yes, if you value your family and equipment then you need to ensure that your dryer vent is clean at all times. Failure to clean your dryer vent can expose you to fire hazards that can damage property and god forbid – even life. That is why The US Fire administration recommends cleaning the dryer vents at least once per year.

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